Why join helloWiz?

helloWiz is an engagement marketplace that enable anyone seeking to learn and grow to tap on the wisdom of experience of highly experienced professionals.

If you are a Wizard with decades of experience, we celebrate the wisdom that comes with it. At helloWiz, you can guide upcoming professionals, students, and entrepreneurs in achieving their aspirations. You can also discover and develop new interests by connecting with other Wizards like you. This is your opportunity to continue to grow, give back and sustain your incline.

If you are an entrepreneur, upcoming professional or a student looking for guidance, you have come to the right place. By leveraging artificial intelligence, helloWiz will connect you to the right Wizard who could guide your dreams as you shoot for the stars.

About the Founder

Pushkala has decades of experience in healthcare, business, and technology. She held senior leadership roles in global corporations including GE Healthcare, Thermo-Fisher Scientific, AstraZeneca, and Hillrom, leading innovation, product management, and digital transformation. Having seen the aging journey of her parents and the retirement transitions of her corporate colleagues over the years, Pushkala was inspired to create a purpose-driven business aligned with her passion to help people sustain their incline in all dimensions of life by leveraging their experience.

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