Our Purpose​

Imagine a world where you live a vibrant and fulfilling life well beyond 100. You are a pickleball champion at 70 and get your second doctorate at 90. That world is within your reach. At Hellowiz, we are 100% committed to helping you thrive in the third chapter of your life. Why should your third chapter in life shift from being a rock-star to riding a rocking chair?

In the United States alone, 10,000 people retire every single day and 1.5 billion years of experience will exit the active workforce in the next decade. The population of retirees will triple by 2050. That’s a lot of cool people with a whole lot of life ahead of them to live vibrantly!  “What does it take to thrive for as long as we live?”  We created Hellowiz to address this question. It’s for those who seek to connect with others, grow, teach, work, give back, and more.


Our Team

Passionate and creative team motivated to harness the wisdom of experience by uniting generations.

Pushkala Subramanian

Founder / Wizard

Mike Sinott

Technology Lead

Leslie Deshler

Customer Success Lead

John Kuhlman

Operations Lead

Isha Patel

Marketing Analyst

The first phase for Hellowiz taps into your wisdom and valuable experience. Bring the magic of your decades of entrepreneurial and professional experience to guide students, aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs who will benefit from learning, connecting, and sharing with you. You will benefit from feeling a sense of purpose and connection by helping to guide the younger generation to a better future.


Please join us for the first phase if you say-

  • I would love to contribute time to guide the next generation to a better future.
  • I have decades of entrepreneurial or professional experience.
  • I have a computer (Laptop or iPad) to engage in video calls.

Our ambition is to go beyond Phase 1 and offer a range of enriching opportunities. Whether you are interested in connecting with a buddy to play pickleball, finding a part-time job, consulting, volunteering & giving back to the community, taking a class on a topic you’ve always wanted to learn, or teaching a class on something that you are passionate about, it is our goal is to offer you these endless possibilities. So, if you are like us and believe in ageless aging, Join us on Hellowiz